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SiteZilla saves you time, stress and makes your site more efficient.

User Roles

SiteZilla has built in roles that can be expanded. Users can be trades people, manager or drivers.

Efficient Delivery

Trades people know when their items are on the way. Drivers know what's outstanding, Managers can see how their site deliveries are performing.

Health & Safety

Users are less stressed, there are fewer trips to find the driver for an update. Contactless ordering and delivery is vital in the Covid-19 era. And there's also an SOS function with precise location.

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Device Compatibility

SiteZilla runs on iOS devices (iPhone / iPad) and most Android phones / tablets. Android devices need to be running Android version 7 or later.

Setup is simple - just download the app, insert your activation code, enter your preferred name (for SOS function) and select your user role.

Updates are sent to devices using real time push messaging, but there's also a manual synchronise option.


Ordering / Delivery process

Users order items by selecting the plot, then the items and quantity they require. Items can have a minimum or maximum allowable quantity (set by you).

A message is sent to the drivers' devices showing them what needs to be delivered and to which plot.

Drivers tap the screen to indicate when the item is on its way and again when the item has been delivered. Once delivered, the item is removed from the screen.


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